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Our wonderful expert educators at Hall Pass Learning Solutions are what make all the difference! These professionals focus on the individual needs of your child and carefully craft content and lessons that support them in classroom learning objectives while helping to instill confidence and cultivate curiosity. Moreover, we collaborate with parents and teachers to provide the highest level of academic engagement, quality education, and seamless coordination. 

Chas Thomas

Chas Thomas is a retired public school teacher of 24 years.  While much of his teaching career was within middle school classrooms, he has experience working with students in grades 1st thru 12th. Currently, he is continuing to support students as a sub at the Benchmark School in Media, Pa.

He was part of the leadership team at Camp Pegasus, a therapeutic day camp focusing on social skill development, during the summer months and has extensive experience working with students with special needs.

Rachael Farmer

She has always had a passion for education! With over 6 years of experience working with diverse populations, she has the knowledge and skills to create a personalized instructional approach for every student. She has multiple degrees in education, including a BS in Early Childhood Education, M.A. in Higher Education Administration, and specialized training to become a Licensed Dyslexia Therapist and Certified Academic Language Therapist. 

Rebecca Moldovan

Rebecca has a passion to help dyslexic students find victory in reading. She has been working with struggling readers since 2016. She is a Florida certified teacher, a Barton certified tutor, as well as a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner. She is thrilled to have a job where it doesn’t feel like work. Her days are filled with spelling, syllables, and some really big smiles.

Kelly Wheelock

Kelly Wheelock, CALT, began providing dyslexia therapy via homeschooling her dyslexic children. She has taught all subjects from pre-K to college and enjoys math and language arts. As a person with ADHD & dyslexia, Kelly enjoys helping students find their success amidst challenges and has repeatedly seen the amazing growth achieved by students when they have appropriate instruction. Kelly is pursuing an MA in Teaching with an English Speakers of Other Languages concentration in Huntsville, Alabama.

James Owk

James earned a BS in World History from Temple University and has been working in education for the past 16 years. He values the connections he makes with students and enjoys helping students understand their learning profiles. His academic expertise is with ELA, essay writing, college essay writing, and executive functioning skills, and he is remarkable at supporting students in learning to rely on their strengths. He also has a knack for product design, graphic design, and loves panda bears.

Denise M-Smith

Denise has provided part-time dyslexia intervention services since the late 1990’s. Her background is in children’s mental health and teaching.  While most of her teaching experience has been in middle school, she has also taught kindergarten – 12th grade, served as a principal, and taught multi-grade. She currently provides dyslexia interventions for middle school students to adults, online and in person. Her passion is helping students develop their strengths despite innate limitations and educating teachers on how to help.

Ariana Javaheri

Ariana is a 3rd-year university student studying psychology and cognitive science. She has been tutoring for 5 years, starting in high school and continuing throughout the pandemic. She has tutored students of all ages and of all subjects, including standardized testing, homework help, college-level support, and writing. She loves helping others reach their full potential, and she loves helping people to become more motivated. She also has experience working with special needs individuals, especially with autism spectrum disorder. 

Sharmin Allibhoy

Sharmin has a Masters degree in multisensory teaching, multiple licenses as a dyslexia specialist, including as a SLDS, CALT,  and IDA, and focuses on providing remedial instruction to elementary and secondary students who struggle with learning differences. The goal is to equip them with tools and strategies to acquire and retain language skills and empower them by focusing on their strengths. She believes when children are met with compassion, understanding, and evidenced-based interventions as needed, their needs will be met most effectively.