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Student-Centered Services

Whew, it does take a village to raise a child! Communication and collaboration among family, school, and community are essential for ensuring student engagement and success. We follow this model to offer services to the three groups of stakeholders: students, families, and schools.

While we can work directly with your child, and often do, we aim to consider a global perspective that includes all those invested in student success. How can we come together to support students better? What is the role of each stakeholder? What are the various ways we can identify success?

Listed below are some, not all, of the ways we can work with students, educators, and families. We additionally offer more services to schools, with that information listed at the bottom of the page.

Academic Support

  • Students in grades K-12
  • Content includes core areas, reading remediation (Wilson and OG), executive functioning, test preparation, etc
  • In-person or online, direct 1:1 or small groups
  • In the classroom (with the school’s permission) or after the school day

Educator Coaching

  • Remediation or acceleration support within the classroom
  • Coaching and mentoring for new and growing educators.
  • Professional development during in-service days or via independent workshops


Family Support

  • Available to discuss your unique circumstances.
  • Make recommendations or provide resources as needed.
  • Workshops and presentations directed to parents.

Consulting and Coaching for Educational Leaders

Whether your school is well established or just recently opened, there is always room for improvement. Hall Pass Learning Solutions works alongside the organization’s leadership to assess and identify opportunities for iterative improvements. We then promote a collaborative intrapreneurial approach to solve problems creatively and in alignment with the unique needs of your school setting.