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Student FAQs

How do I find the right tutor to work with my child?

Great question! The tutors we have in the Hall Pass Learning Solutions spotlight are just a few of the wonderful educators available to work with your child! The best way to find the right person is to submit your interest on the Contact Us page and one of our intake coordinators will contact you. When you talk to the intake coordinator, please share any important information about your child’s needs and we will likely ask a few other questions that will help us to begin connecting you with the right educators who meet your specific needs.

How much does Hall Pass Learning Solutions cost? Is there a fee to register? What are the tutoring fees?

There is no fee to register with Hall Pass Learning Solutions! Our providers set their own rates for their services, which is the only fee you will pay. You can decide how much you would like to pay for the services you need, and you can decide how often you want to schedule to meet. It is absolutely up to you and your family in deciding what is best for your child. 

Can I talk with the tutor before we schedule our first session? Do I pay for the interview time?

Absolutely, you can chat with a tutor before scheduling and there is no fee until you set up a session! We want you and your child to feel comfortable when starting to work with a new educator. You can chat with the provider you would like to work with within our online platform and set up a time for an interview. Interviews can be on the phone, video chat, or in-person. There is no fee for an initial interview and no obligation to schedule any sessions once you have interviewed someone. We encourage you to do your due diligence to find the right person for you and your child, which may mean interviewing a few people.

How do I schedule and pay the Hall Pass Learning Solutions professional we are working with?

Once you have someone you would like to have tutor your child, you may schedule with them directly at mutually convenient times and locations. Invoices will be sent electronically from our administrative offices, and payment should be submitted to Hall Pass Learning Solutions, LLC. 

What if I need to cancel a tutoring session?

If you need to cancel a scheduled session, please contact your provider to find a more convenient time for the session. Hall Pass Learning Solutions has a 24 hour cancellation policy, but this is secondary to the preferences and policies determined by individual tutors. Please ask your provider ahead of time about their cancellation policy.

What if I am unsatisfied with the first session with a given provider?

We guarantee your satisfaction when working with Hall Pass Learning Solutions. If you are not happy with the first session, please contact [email protected] or call or text 484-541-5414. Once we are notified, we will help you find another provider within our network who is able to meet your child’s needs for no additional charge for the initial session.

Can I work with more than one provider at a time? Can I switch providers?

Yes, absolutely! Many of our providers specialize in specific content areas, only work remotely, or have limited availability. You can work with as many providers as you would like and you can choose to switch providers anytime. You are empowered to choose what works best for you and your child. 


How are professionals qualified to work with Hall Pass Learning Solutions?

All of the professionals who are active within the Hall Pass Learning system have been personally qualified by our administrative team. The process is flexible and can vary, but involves reviewing qualified applicants resumes, holding interviews, submitting a sample lesson plan, or other demonstration of expertise. Most of our providers are professional educators, but some are guidance counselors, social workers, other health or therapeutic fields or certifications such as Orton Gillingham or Wilson Reading Systems programs, speech and language pathology or occupational therapy, content experts, or students in higher education. All of our providers have experience working with children and are passionately committed to a child-centered approach to supporting students. We take great pride in ensuring that our team is comprised of the highest level, talented professional educators eager to help. 


Tutor FAQs

How do I get started as a provider with Hall Pass Learning Solutions?

Thanks for your interest in working with us! To express your interest in joining our team, please submit your interest through the join our team page of our website. and we will be back in touch. If after speaking with our hiring team you are invited to become a HPLS tutor, you will need to submit your onboarding paperwork, including your references, clearances, and headshot, and any other criteria or preferences to [email protected]. If you have any difficulty collecting or submitting your materials, please reach out anytime.  

What services does Hall Pass Learning Solutions provide? How many students can I expect to work with?

Hall Pass Learning Solutions aims to meet individual student needs, and consequently, it is essential to be able to support students in all content areas at all levels. At times there are fluctuations the staffing to student ratio, or in the need for a specific content area. While we cannot guarantee that you will have a full case load at all times, the greater number of content areas and the wider the age range the more students you will have to choose from. If you have a limit and only have the bandwith for a few more students, no problem- just let us know!  

How do I decide how to set my services and rates?

work with us, you are an independent contractor. We encourage you to take ownership of your business! When considering how to determine your services, think about what areas you feel confident providing instruction, the platform for your services (in person or online), your level of education and expertise, and any other criteria that might fold in for you (ie. distance from home). 

When you determine your fees, you may want to consider factors such as the value of your time, how much you need to earn, how much you will be paying taxes, and other fees that may be taken out. You may want to consider offering packages or discounted rates for families who are booking with you regularly, or for small groups that are meeting together. The choice is up to you, but be sure to communicate with the administrative office any rate changes to ensure billing is completed properly. 

Additionally, the expectation is clear communication with all parties involved- your students and their families, and us!.

How will I know when a family wants to work with me?

Awesome question! Someone from our administrative team will be in touch when there is a new opportunity that aligns with your skill set. Moving quickly in the initial few days is important because often once a family reaches out to you they are often already feeling stuck and overwhelmed and they are struggling. The choice to work with a family is reliant on both parties wanting to work together, which typically includes an initial conversation as well. 


How much does it cost to register with Hall Pass Learning Solutions and use the service?

There is no fee to register or work with Hall Pass Learning Solutions. If you would like to be highlighted on our tutor page as a premier tutor, there is a low monthly fee. Please contact [email protected] for more info.