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Meet The Founder

Aviva B. Moore, Ed.D.

Aviva is a career educator who struggled academically as a child and was precocious and determined enough to head to college early without a high school degree. From her experience, she believes the demands of childhood are unique to childhood and that it is essential to recognize the innate vulnerability involved in learning. Moreover, learning is inherently a social and interactive endeavor, which requires recognizing humanity while seeing and working with the whole child to prepare them for the future. 

Aviva has served in nearly every capacity in the field of education as well as the camp industry and is historically drawn to opportunities and children whose needs are atypical or outside the norm. Moreover, Aviva has two teenage daughters with unique learning profiles, both of whom have taken non-traditional educational paths. Aviva acknowledges freely how truly humbling parenting can be and it has helped reframe her perspective on education and life. Her daughters jokingly say the more education and experience she has, the less she believes in the institution of education- she simply believes we can do better. 

Hall Pass Learning Solutions (HPLS) was created to identify and address the individual needs of each child. Specifically, our tutors work hard to facilitate independence in your child, developing self-advocacy skills, and promoting agency. By doing so, we help students continue to evolve and become the best version of themselves, recognizing that we are all a work in progress.

What To Expect From Hall Pass Learning Solutions

Hall Pass Learning Solutions is a concierge educational marketplace that aims to meet the individual needs of you and your child. When working with us, you have enormous flexibility – you choose what you want to pay, how often you wish to have sessions and a schedule that works for your family. Our team has personally pre-qualified all of our providers, and while some select tutors are highlighted on the website, we have a strong team behind the scenes! Contact us today and we can help you connect with prospective tutors. You can speak with them in advance, and if appropriate we encourage you to offer your child an opportunity to ask their “super-hero” questions too.  We will gladly help you find the right person for you and your child- our exceptional customer service is centered on offering support every step of the way!

Connecting Families & Schools With Learning Professionals

Hall Pass Learning Solutions is an educational marketplace for families and schools to connect with educators and professionals. We are committed to providing individualized attention that builds confidence and cultivates curiosity in learning. Each professional in our organization brings a unique skill set that contributes to various services available. Learning is a social process that relies upon the relationship between students, their families, and communities, and the professionals supporting them. From remediation lessons to acceleration, content-specific tutoring to homeschooling and after-school-ing, Hall Pass Learning Solutions has experienced providers passionate about providing quality care to your child and family.

Our Story

We are your  #1 source for expert educational support. Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 global pandemic, we immediately recognized the challenges that families, students, and teachers faced during the emergency school closures. The abrupt shift to remote learning left many students unable to access their education. Unfortunately, the ripple effect is pervasive and profound, with increasing numbers of student further behind in core content areas.